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EMG Booking assists our artists with booking local and national performances. We believe that our artists should focus on their music and not the headaches, frustration, and endless details involved with booking individual dates and tours. As a full service

independent company, we can provide the attention to each of our artists that national booking, talent agencies,

and record labels cannot possibly provide. Rather than waiting for venues to call and find out who might be

available for a particular date, we aggressively pursue bookings for our artists who want to play live.

We develop a manageable touring plan and schedule with our artists that fits with their recording schedules and lifestyle.

Life is all about balance - too much of any one thing will likely end up causing more problems and issues than was

first envisioned. Our goal at EMG Booking is to help our artists find the right balance, yet also provide them

with one of the most lucrative revenue streams in the music industry at this time. 

Our job doesn't stop with the booking of the performances. Tour support is also critical for great performances,

audience experience, artist satisfaction and peace of mind. Where most booking and talent agencies

stop working once the dates are booked, we monitor every facet of each artist's performance

schedule, assisting with travel, accommodations, venue relations, sound, lights, engineers,

stage hands, and every aspect involved in the performance or tour.

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