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As an independent ("indie") record label, EMG Records manages all aspects of our artists' music, touring, merchandise, brands, and trademarks, as well as coordinating the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, and promotion

of their music. We also handle the legal enforcement of all copyrights for sound recordings and music videos.

Our goal is to broaden the consumer base for our artists and market their music to be heard on radio, music streaming services, film and television worldwide. EMG Records also provides publicists, who assist our artists in gaining

positive media coverage, as well as arranging for merchandise to be sold via stores and online outlets.


The music industry is changing quite rapidly. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the three major labels now own the majority of all record labels in the music industry in an attempt to maximize their profits at the expense

of the artists. At EMG Records, we put our artists first to protect their music and financial success.


EMG Records focuses on development of new artists (also called "artists and repertoire" or "A&R"), as well as project development for experienced artists looking to launch the next phase of their music career.

We are looking for new and experienced artists to join with us to make a difference

in the music industry and to change the world one song at a time.

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