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EMG Events is the live entertainment division of Elevation Music Group, LLC.

We are dedicated to developing all aspects of live entertainment including concerts, music festivals,

and live events for broadcast, as well as corporate, trade show, and agency events. We work with some of the largest

and most recognized venues in the world to create amazing events that draw thousands of people.

We also work with national entertainment and create opportunities for our own artists to perform at these large events that would otherwise be out of reach to new or even experienced artist without a large fan base or following. From entertainment-infused branding events, to high energy corporate celebrations, to spectacular live concerts and festivals, EMG Events delivers

flawless execution of message, media, and entertainment.

Our goal is to give our artists the ability to play with internationally recognized artists and to provide them with the opportunity

to develop their live performances to a level that will build their fan base and propel their careers in the music industry. 

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