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Music publishing is one of the least understood - and most important aspects of the music industry.

EMG Music Publishing is responsible for ensuring that our songwriters and composers receive payment when their

compositions are used commercially. We license compositions, help monitor where compositions

are used, collect royalties and distribute them to the composers. 

There are several types of royalties: (1) Mechanical Royalties; (2) Performance Royalties; and (3) Synchronization Royalties.


Mechanical royalties derive from the sale of recorded music, such as CDs or digital downloads. These royalties are paid to publishers by other record companies (through the Harry Fox Agency, as well as through American Mechanical Rights Agency in the U.S.).


Performance royalties are collected by performance rights organizations ("PROs") such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC or PRS and are paid

by radio stations and others who broadcast recorded music. Performance royalties are also paid by venues and event organizers.


Synchronization (or "sync") royalties are required when a composition is used in a film or television soundtrack.

These royalties are typically managed by a publishing company for the composer.


Publishers also work to link up new songs by songwriters with suitable recording artists to record them and to place

writers' songs in other media such as movie soundtracks and commercials. Publishers will typically also handle

copyright registration for the composers as well.

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